GIM International Wants to Hear Your Opinions - 21/12/2017

Can you spare us a few minutes of your time? We are currently conducting a readers’ survey, aimed at obtaining detailed insights into the state of the geospatial industry today. How is the business doing? Which technologies are having the greatest impact on the surveying profession? The survey will only take a couple of minutes to complete, and your feedback will be greatly appreciated. We’re not only looking for information about where the industry is heading, but we’re also keen to learn how we can better meet our readers’ needs. To start the survey, click here.

Where do you see the greatest potential in the surveying market? Which topics deserve more frequent coverage? Which trends do you foresee? Your answers to questions like these will give us valuable information that helps us to provide you with even more relevant articles.

Please note that the respondents’ identities will remain anonymous. The anonymised results of the survey will be published as an extensive report on the geospatial market in our GIM International Business Guide 2018.

Last updated: 27/09/2020