GIS Portal Toolkit 2.0.1 Available

A new version of the GIS Portal Toolkit is now available. According to ESRI (CA, USA), the developer of this software, the GIS Portal Toolkit 2.0.1 includes improved handling and validation of metadata; more detailed documentation; support for harvesting and publishing to and from ArcIMS 9.1 metadata repositories; and support for additional database management systems, servers, and operating systems.

The GIS Portal Toolkit is a technology and services solution for implementing local, regional, national, and global spatial data infrastructure portals. GIS portals organise content and services such as directories, search tools, community information, support resources, data, and applications. They provide capabilities to query metadata records for relevant data and services and link directly to the online sites that host content services. The content can be visualised as maps and used in geographic queries and analyses.

GIS Portal Toolkit 2.0.1 offers:

  • support for Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3, and Sun Solaris 8
  • database management system support for SQL Server 2000/2003, Oracle9i, and DB2 8.2
  • detailed installation documentation for the supported operating systems and supported databases
  • ability to download metadata documents in XML files to local drives
  • improved handling and validation of Metadata Content Type in published metadata documents
  • support for harvesting and publishing to and from ArcIMS 9.1 metadata repositories.