Google Contracts Aerometrex for San Francisco 3D Model

Google Contracts Aerometrex for San Francisco 3D Model

Aerometrex has been contracted by Google to provide a data licence for its 3D model of downtown San Francisco. The company believes this significant purchase order from an important client validates Aerometrex’s world-leading 3D data capabilities.

Since establishing Aerometrex Inc in the USA (headquartered in Denver, Colorado) the company has focused its efforts on capturing key US cities, using very high-resolution oblique aerial imagery. As part of its ongoing program of 3D modelling in the US, the downtown area of San Francisco is being captured at very high resolution of 2cm pixels.

Dominant role for accurate 3D data

3D models have been recently constructed by Aerometrex for the cities of Denver and Miami. Aerometrex has previously produced 3D models for the city of Philadelphia, New York and selected areas of San Francisco. With growing sales efforts in the US, the company is working, under its retained IP model, to monetize these datasets to a varied customer base.

Google has placed the order for Aerometrex’s 3D model of San Francisco prior to completion of the work. While the revenue amount from Google’s order is not material, this order demonstrates demand for these products from very large corporations. In addition, further demand for the same dataset, the IP of which is retained by Aerometrex, is being received from several organizations with interests in the San Francisco Bay area.

Aerometrex’s 3D model data is being used widely in industries as diverse as urban planning, civil engineering, computer gaming, asset management, mining and coastal erosion. The 3D content can be consumed and displayed in web browser applications, geospatial software, virtual reality systems and gaming engines. Aerometrex strongly believes that high-quality, high-resolution, accurate 3D data will become the dominant data type in mapping and planning activities in the short-medium term future and will play an increasing role in communication, visualization and measurement.

Aerometrex managing director Mark Deuter commented: “I am very encouraged by our developments in the US market and believe that the purchase order with Google endorses our strategy and our 3D data capture capabilities. We are gaining greater attention from large organizations whose operations cover multiple US cities and municipalities and we see significant potential to contract with these types of organizations moving forward.”

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