High-Resolution Earth Imagery for Handheld GPS Devices - 25/06/2010

DigitalGlobe is to provide high-resolution imagery for DeLorme's Earthmate series, including the PN-30, PN-40 and PN-60 models. Through this agreement, hikers, climbers and other outdoor enthusiasts will be able to update their DeLorme Earthmate GPS device with highly accurate imagery for real-world perspective that exists between the lines of a traditional map.

"Consumer demand for location-based services continues to grow at a rapid pace, and this growth has activated an explosion of new applications for earth imagery solutions," said Rafay Khan, senior vice president, commercial sales, of DigitalGlobe. "Our relationship with DeLorme is another proof point of our continued commitment to delivering imagery to a range of users."

DigitalGlobe's imagery will be available in July 2010, in tandem with the release of DeLorme's latest handheld GPS device, the Earthmate PN-60w with SPOT Satellite Communicator. In addition to offering premium imagery content, this GPS and satellite communication product will be the first handheld GPS navigation device capable of sending customized text messages even when the user is operating far beyond the range of cellular communications.

"The combination of DeLorme's functionality and DigitalGlobe's industry-leading imagery will give DeLorme's customers the opportunity to truly explore their environment, whether they are hiking a local footpath or climbing the highest of peaks," said Caleb Mason, vice president at DeLorme. "DigitalGlobe has led the way in bringing the value of imagery to the commercial market, and we are confident that the extensive coverage and currency of DigitalGlobe's imagery will offer our users an experience that's second to none."

DigitalGlobe's constellation of satellites and aerial network offer an industry-leading collection capacity of more than 500 million square kilometers each year - amounting to three times the earth's landmass. Imagery will be available for the DeLorme devices on a subscription basis.

Last updated: 27/02/2020