SI Imaging Services and GHGSat Join Forces for Satellite Imagery-based Carbon Neutrality

SI Imaging Services and GHGSat Join Forces for Satellite Imagery-based Carbon Neutrality

To inform the industry about remote methane monitoring services based on high-resolution satellite imagery, SI Imaging Services and GHGSat will operate a joint booth at the World Gas Congress 2022 in South Korea. SI Imaging Services (SIIS) provides high-resolution satellite imagery. GHGSat is a methane tracking satellite firm from Canada.

The five-day World Gas Conference (WGC) at EXCO in Daegu, South Korea, which starts on 23 May, is the world’s largest international gas conference. This is the first time in its 90-year history that the event will be held in Daegu, Korea. Governments, NGOs, industry officials, environmental experts and technical experts from numerous countries will exchange their knowledge, technological insights and information relating to gas and discuss the development and energy agenda of the global gas industry. Above all, due to the severe climate crisis, carbon neutrality is expected to be the biggest issue.

High-resolution Methane Monitoring Satellites

SIIS supplies very high-resolution (VHR) satellite imagery of KOMPSAT series 2, 3, 3A and 5 worldwide, used in remote sensing fields such as mapping, agriculture and disaster observation. As the need for environmental social governance (ESG) management has emerged rapidly over recent years, the company entered into an official partnership with GHGSat in June last year and has since started to supply satellite-based remote methane monitoring services to Korea and East Asia. GHGSat’s satellites provide 100 times higher spatial resolution than existing greenhouse gas observation satellites. The technology makes it possible to pinpoint the exact source of methane emissions at the facility level in the oil & gas sector.

“This year, we have decided to run a joint booth with GHGSat at the World Gas Conference to inform the industry of the high-resolution methane monitoring satellites. We will establish a foothold to help companies and institutions realize their ESG management goals,” states a spokesperson of SIIS. “It will become more and more important for organizations and companies worldwide to actively respond to environmental issues, and carbon neutrality is the most important task. Gaining the upper hand in carbon diplomacy is expected to bring appropriate development and a sustainable future to our entire industry.”

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