Birthplace of the Renaissance to Host International Cartographic Conference 2021 - 11/11/2019

The 30th International Cartographic Conference (ICC) will take place in Florence, Italy, in 2021, and is provisionally scheduled for 19-23 July (although these dates are still subject to change). The ICC 2021 will be organized in line with the tradition of ICA Conferences and – in the city ​​of marvelous works of art, the Ponte Vecchio bridge and the Boboli Gardens – it will certainly be an event for cartographic and geospatial professionals to look forward to.

Programme and Conference Presentations

ICC 2021 in Florence will represent the opportunity to reflect on the state of the art in cartography and related disciplines, considering the international context as well as the trends in Italy through oral and poster presentations of papers. As for the other ICA conferences, the ICA Executive Committee and chairs of commissions and workshops will be involved in realizing the final programme and reviewing the papers submitted. These will be also reviewed by referees chosen from researchers and scholars who are experts in the field of cartography and related disciplines. Posters, abstracts and full papers will provide insights into cartography-related research and experience.

Scientific Programme and Themes

The organizing committee has selected a set of main themes to characterize ICC 2021 Florence under the umbrella theme of ‘Cartography: planning our future from lessons from the past’ which highlights the aspects for which Italy is renowned in the field:

- Cartography in and over the Web 2.0

- Cartography as decision support tools and to foster sustainability

- The quality of spatial data

- Cartography and geographic information systems

 - Cartography and remote sensing

- Unconventional cartography: networks, news, media, art and participation

 - Historical cartography and history of cartography

 - Cartography and cultural heritage

The conference certainly will not be limited to these themes, and a more detailed list of themes to be tackled in ICA’s commissions and workshops will follow later. Furthermore, ICC 2021 will be the perfect occasion to shed light on new cartographic techniques – offering new ways of seeing and interpreting the Earth and its phenomena and playing a fundamental role in promoting and governing the territory.

Last updated: 19/01/2021