ISPRS Congress 2016 Participants Have Their Say

ISPRS Congress 2016 Participants Have Their Say

As this is the last day of the ISPRS Congress2016 in Prague, it’s also a time to look back! A week of learning, presenting, managing and deciding in the General Assembly, showing new technology on the exhibition, seeing equipment from close with Leica and HERE who had their cars outside and of course meeting colleagues. How did you find the conference? We asked a couple of people!

Jachym Cepicky, Czech Republic

“I’m impressed with the event! As a developer I could add to my knowledge and participated before in the FOSS4G conference. There must be more than 2000 people – and it’s still easy to get around. More important: I could meet all the people I wanted to see. The programme was rather academic but gave me good insight in what is happening.”

Prof. Dr. Martin Kada, Germany

“This congress is well organised, and covered a lot of topics. I like the idea that the plenary sessions have been recorded and that they are published on the website. Doing so, also people that were not able to be there in the session can see them. Or look at them again if they were. The venue is nice for this kind of event.”

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