‘KOLIDA Cup’ National Surveying Skill Competition - 23/05/2014

Promoted by China’s Ministry of Education, the ‘KOLIDA Cup’ National Surveying Skill Competition is the most influential national, vocational student-skills competition in the Chinese surveying industry. The competition aims to assess the basic surveying knowledge and operational skills of the students, as well as the teaching outcomes of the colleges.

KOLIDA Instruments, as the exclusive sponsor, has provided instruments, software and technical service for this national competition for the past three years.

During the competition, students can gain more experience in data capture and post- processing as well as developing a greater sense of team spirit. Meanwhile, the competition provides a communication platform for the colleges with surveying majors and increases the social focus on surveying-related industries.

Three projects

This surveying skills competition mainly consists of three projects: the Construction Stake-out Competition, Digital Surveying & Mapping Competition, and Second-class 

Levelling Competition. As one of the most popular brands in China’s surveying instrument sector, KOLIDA was selected as the only surveying instruments supplier to support this competition.

KTS-462R8m is specified as the instrument for the Construction Stake-out Competition, K9-T GNSS as well as CASS 9.1 are specified for the Digital Surveying & Mapping Competition, and DL-2007 high-precision digital level is specified for the Second-class Levelling Competition.

The competition comprises two phases: the preliminaries and the finals. The preliminaries are usually held in April and May at provincial level. Students compete against others from colleges in the same province, resulting in two winners from each province who then proceed to the national final. The finals are national competitions which are usually held in June. This June, more than 60 teams, composed of the winners from all the provinces, will come together in Kaifeng, a thousand-year-old city in Henan province, to attend the finals. 


June is the time when college students graduate. This competition is an assessment of their many years of study and is also an opportunity for them to increase their knowledge of surveying skills, thus making it easier for them to transition into the world of work as the new surveyors of the future.  

Professor Ning Jinsheng, a famous geodetic expert and a member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, has also attended this activity in the past, reflecting the Chinese government’s focus on surveying science.

As a leading surveying instruments supplier in China, KOLIDA never misses a chance to support surveying education. This year, KOLIDA has also donated surveying instruments to colleges who have a lack of surveying instruments.

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