LAStools Series of Workshops Announced - 29/04/2013

Earlier this year, technology start-up rapidlasso GmbH launched a series of seminar talks and workshops on Lidar processing using LAStools in various locations in the Asia-Pacific region. The events are hands-on tutorials on how to efficiently process large amounts of airborne Lidar using rapidlasso's LAStools software. More workshops and events lie ahead, not only in the Far East but also in Canada and parts of Europe.

The workshops comprise an introduction to LAStools and tips on how to find, download and store massive Lidar point sets. This is followed by a step-by-step workflow for processing raw LAS files: (1) basic quality checking of the data that was obtained, (2) preparing the data through tiling, bare earth filtering, and advanced point classification, and (3) generating Digital Terrain Models (DTMs), Digital Surface Models (DSMs), Canopy Height Models (CHMs), elevation contours, etc.

Exercises on a small set of raw Lidar flight lines give participants the opportunity to follow on laptops or lab computers. How to scale up these workflows to run on Gigabytes of Lidar data is illustrated with simple example batch scripts that attendees only have to modify slightly to meet their particular processing needs when working on their own data back home.

More workshops are ahead. Some of the key events include:

1-3 May, Lidar workshop after MMT 2013 in Tainan City, Taiwan

15 May, PulseWaves talk at Geospatial World Forum in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

27 to 31 May, Lidar workshop before NRSC 2013 in Quezon City, Philippines

6 June, Lidar workshop, at NSCC COGS during AATP workshop in Nova Scotia, Canada

24 June, Lidar workshop for archaeologists in Poznan, Poland

25-26 June, PulseWaves talk at RIEGL LiDAR 2013 in Vienna, Austria

28 June, Lidar workshop at Malaysian Surveyor Summit, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

8-12 July, Lidar workshop at University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada.

Visit for an up-to-date list of upcoming conferences and workshops.

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