Launch of Live GNSS Network Services - 16/08/2012

Topcon, headquartered in Japan, has reorganised its GNSS network business and global GNSS services under the new brand name, TopNET live. The offering includes subscription-based, real-time GNSS-network RTK and DGNSS subscriptions, with high-quality GPS and GLONASS correction data, as well as all future GNSS signals. These new and informative web resources are relevant for many different applications, such as surveying, construction, GIS mapping, machine control and precision agriculture.

Managed by the Topcon Network team and its distributors, TopNET live reference networks deliver high-quality, accurate, real-time GNSS data through a variety of real-time data products and formats to all makes of capable network rovers.

The new website is available for users in both the European and North America markets, with common information on how the service works, mobile data, equipment guides, videos, news, FAQs and much more.

Users can register and subscribe to the networks of their choice by following the country links, which will offer even more detailed pages and many more value-added services for each individual network.

Last updated: 25/10/2020