Leica GPS1200+ GNSS - 29/12/2008

Four independent Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) will be operational within the near future. With the new Leica GPS1200+ users can be certain that they are ready. The Leica GPS1200+ supports the new GPS L5 signal, GLONASS L1 and L2, and will also be able to track Galileo and Compass satellites when available. The flexible design of Leica GPS1200+ is 100% future proof and is already now compatible with the four global navigation satellite systems.



GPS L5 is the new third GPS frequency which will allow increased redundancy, faster signal acquisition, and improved multipath performance - ultimately resulting in longer RTK ranges and faster ambiguity resolution. Galileo will add another 30 satellites to the GPS and GLONASS constellation providing additional benefits. With an average of 20 satellites in view 24/7, the speed and accuracy of GNSS will be further improved.


Leica Geosystems offers full support of the most modern and accurate Galileo AltBOC signal, which will significantly improve the differential code accuracy for periods when ambiguities could not be solved. The full operational capability (FOC) of Galileo is planned for 2013, with the first operational satellites being available from 2010 onwards. The Compass signal definition is not fully finalized, although Leica GPS1200+ supports Compass as known today.


Leica Geosystems also offers an upgrade path to all existing Leica GPS1200 receivers - securing your investment and guaranteeing receivers keep their value. Even Leica GPS1200 receivers bought back until 2004 can be easily upgraded to the latest GNSS technology.

Leica GPS1200+ includes the proven SmartTrack+ and SmartCheck+ technology. The instrument includes the third generation of SmartTrack+ measurement engines with 120 channels and offers enhanced signal processing and industry leading measurement quality. SmartCheck+ guarantees maximum reliability by continuously checking results.



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