Lidar Rectification Software - 19/04/2010

OLMS V1.0 (Optech Lidar Mapping Suite V1.0) is a new software package for Optech ALTM Airborne Laser Terrain Mapper clients. It enables users to maximise lidar accuracies over large project areas in a production environment. Incorporating batch-mode processing capability, OLMS V1.0 automates production processing of multi-mission data collections, and includes multi-threaded and distributed processing capabilities to increase processing efficiency even further.

"Optimising lidar data accuracies by minimising flight-line to flight-line variations is a standard workflow process," says Michael Sitar, Optech's Airborne Products Manager. "As manufacturers, we have the unique ability to incorporate our proprietary lidar sensor optical models, thus enabling lidar datasets of the highest possible quality. We are extremely excited to offer such a capability to our clients. The quality of the data end-product, even in complex terrain, is truly impressive."

OLMS V1.0 also includes pre- and post-rectification results, as well as relative and absolute accuracy comparisons. Its project deliverables are in the form of reports, plots and graphic comparisons. Coupled with robust underlying algorithms that have been field-proven, OLMS V1.0 eliminates the need for independent calibration flight regimes when performing wide-area data collects.

Release of the Optech Lidar Mapping Suite V1.0 is scheduled for May 2010.

Last updated: 26/09/2020