Lidar to Detect Transmission Line Interference - 15/01/2013

Italian national transmission network manager Terna has signed Blom to acquire and process laser data. The data will be captured with Lidar and will be used to identify interference caused by vegetation encroachment in and around power line corridors.

In previous years, identifying vegetation interference on power lines has been carried out by direct observation. This is a time-consuming activity, requiring experienced personnel to be on-site for many hours. Blom proposed an alternative process and Terna realised that Lidar data is a powerful and efficient methodology, ideally suited for this kind of application. It is expected that this method of identifying vegetation interference will be regularly applied to the whole transmission grid in the future.

Blom will fly more than 1,000km of transmission power lines in various areas in Italy, simultaneously capturing Lidar data and images for orthophoto production.

Last updated: 30/05/2020