Live GNSS Service Agreement - 12/10/2012

Topcon Europe Positioning, The Netherlands, announces an agreement with Lantmäteriverket (administrators of SWEPOS) to roll out a TopNET live service in Sweden. This agreement gives Topcon access to the raw data of the SWEPOS reference receivers for the processing and provision of the TopNET live GNSS RTK network correction service to end users in Sweden.

The service is fully supported by a 24/7 server farm, together with the TopNET live web panel for end users, providing user access for full network status monitoring, real-time rover status with Google maps, ionosphere graphs, user reports, mobile apps and much more. TopNET live uses flexible real-time GNSS subscriptions to allow end users to exploit the service for many different applications; including survey, GIS, engineering, machine control, and precision agriculture. Services are expected to be operational in November 2012.

SWEPOS has been established by Lantmäteriverket since the late 1990’s as the national GNSS reference station network for Sweden, consisting over 200 reference sites.

Last updated: 22/10/2020