Multi-Site at 50cm Resolution - 20/10/2009

The Multi-Site product is now available for 50cm GeoEye-1 satellite imagery. Multi-Site, already available for 80cm IKONOS imagery, allows clients interested in multiple captures over small areas to acquire the higher resolution and more accurate GeoEye-1 satellite imagery.


AAMHatch know the market is interested in this of product as a result of clients such as CTF Solutions. "CTF Solution has reached the milestone of acquiring more than 1,000,000ha of submetre resolution satellite imagery to undertake property planning and mapping. The majority of the high resolution satellite data we have utilised has been IKONOS multi-site data, which we are sourcing from GeoEye's Australian Reseller, AAMHatch", says Tim Neale - Director, CTF Solutions.


The minimum new capture area of 100km2 is reduced to only 50km2 if the same site is imaged 3 times annually or 3 separate sites of 50km2 are ordered at the same time. Users maintain the other benefits, like 2km x 2km guaranteed cloud free area; 15% cloud cover or less assurance policy; horizontal accuracy of 3m (excluding terrain effects) without ground control and four-band.

Last updated: 24/01/2021