Nava Asset Data Capture - 10/05/2011


CHC has introduced the Nava GPS Handheld series designed for any metre-level GPS mapping applications such as in forestry, agriculture, utilities, and local government, which mainly capture aset data. The devices are affordable, easy-to-use and provide the necessary features for data collection and mapping including point, line and area data capture, import and export to MIF and SHP format.



“The Nava GPS series is a clear sign of our commitment to further address the GIS market by offering cost effective data collection solutions to our customers,” says George Zhao, CEO of CHC. “In addition, the Nava GPS are  perfectly fitting our Survey and GIS dealers’ product portfolio in combination to traditional survey-grade equipment.”


The Nava Series has an embedded 20 channels high sensitivity SIRF III chipset featuring fast satellite acquisition and reliable positioning even in harsh environment. Nava GPS provides 3-5 metres accuracy in GPS mode and up to 1-3 metres when receiving SBAS satellites corrections.



Last updated: 20/10/2020