NavCom Releases SF-2110M and SF-2110R Modular L1 GPS and StarFire Receivers - 27/08/2007

NavCom Technology, Inc. (CA, USA) has released the SF-2110M and SF-2110R modular L1 StarFire GPS receivers. Using StarFire NavCom's SF-2110M and SF-2110R receivers provide instantaneous 50cm accuracy.

The SF-2110M utilises a compact dual-band antenna capable of receiving GPS and StarFire signals. This antenna provides phase center stability in a small, robust, lightweight format. The SF-2110R includes a separate L-Band antenna for enhanced StarFire signal reception in challenging environments and at high latitudes.

Coupled with NavCom's StarFire subscription service, the SF-2110 delivers 50cm position fixes without the use of a second receiver serving as a base station.

NavCom's SF-2110 series of receivers offers an attractive price-to-performance ratio, delivering NavCom's high quality performance at a fraction of the cost of traditional dual frequency solutions.

Last updated: 21/10/2020