NavVis takes new step in global 3D spatial data management

NavVis takes new step in global 3D spatial data management

NavVis recently unveiled a substantial enhancement in global 3D spatial technology access and performance. By launching new cloud regions in the Americas and Asia-Pacific (APAC), the company aims to elevate cloud-based reality capture and viewing technology. These strategic additions complement the existing European (EU) region, solidifying its commitment to providing enhanced speed and efficiency for 3D spatial technology professionals across the globe.

Aligned with its mission to lead the market with unparalleled global performance, NavVis has embarked on a transformative journey. Through the adoption of a cloud-native Kubernetes (K8s) architecture across its new data centers, NavVis is not only expanding its geographical footprint but also revolutionizing the storage, accessibility, and security of 3D spatial data worldwide. This architectural shift ensures scalable, resilient, and efficient services, resulting in substantial performance improvements, reinforced security measures, and the agility to meet the evolving needs of the 3D spatial technology industry.

Regional regulatory standards

The introduction of these new locations, coupled with a robust K8s backbone, empowers NavVis users to choose the geographical home for their data. This strategic flexibility not only promises quicker access and reduced latency for interacting with 3D datasets via NavVis IVION but also ensures compliance with specific regional regulatory standards, underpinning the commitment to data security and sovereignty within a highly secure cloud environment.

"In the journey to redefine the 3D data landscape, NavVis acknowledges the critical role of speed and accessibility," stated Georg Schroth, CTO and co-founder. "Expanding our cloud infrastructure to the Americas and APAC is more than a growth milestone; it's our commitment to delivering the fastest, most reliable cloud-based 3D data worldwide. This expansion is a testament to our dedication to making NavVis IVION the leading choice for professionals seeking efficiency, security, and performance, irrespective of where they scan in the physical world."

NavVis's expansion of cloud regions marks a significant milestone in providing professionals with advanced, secure, and efficient tools for 3D spatial technology. By embracing cloud-native solutions and extending its global reach, the company is enhancing its platform and also enables users to explore new frontiers in 3D spatial exploration.

The newly established cloud regions facilitate expedited access and minimized latency when engaging with 3D datasets through NavVis IVION. (Image courtesy: NavVis)
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