New EO partnership to advance Saudi Arabia's Green Initiative

New EO partnership to advance Saudi Arabia's Green Initiative

Planetek Italia has joined forces with Geosystems Middle East to support afforestation initiatives in Saudi Arabia through advanced Earth observation (EO) monitoring services. This marks a significant move for environmental conservation and sustainable development.

Under the leadership of Geosystems Middle East (GeosystemsME) and with support from Planetek Italia, GeoSpace International and Hexagon, this collaborative project aligns with Saudi Arabia's ambitious Green Initiative. This initiative seeks to plant 10 billion trees across the nation while concurrently focusing on various land preservation measures, falling under the mandate of the National Center for Vegetation Development and Combating Desertification (NCVC).

Giovanni Sylos Labini, CEO of Planetek Italia, emphasized his company's commitment to leveraging Earth observation technologies for environmental preservation and sustainable development. He highlighted the collaborative synergy between Planetek Italia's expertise in EO analytics and GeosystemsME's local knowledge, which positions them to provide effective monitoring services for the afforestation efforts in Saudi Arabia.

Data-driven decision-making

Through this collaboration between Planetek Italia and GeosystemsME, the project seeks to foster data-driven decision-making processes and enhance transparency in the implementation of the Saudi Green Initiative. The monitoring platform will offer stakeholders up-to-date and accurate information on the progress of afforestation projects, thus contributing to the kingdom's broader environmental objectives.

Hussam Alshawi, CEO of Geosystems Middle East, stated that their combined expertise in Earth observation and data analytics, coupled with their deep understanding of the local market, will ensure the successful execution of this significant project. Together, they are committed to supporting the Saudi Green Initiative and facilitating the preservation of Saudi Arabia's natural resources.

This contract win solidifies Planetek Italia's position as a global provider of Earth observation solutions and underscores the company's dedication to addressing environmental challenges through innovative technologies. With this new venture, Planetek Italia and GeosystemsME are poised to make a substantial impact on afforestation initiatives in Saudi Arabia, advancing the nation's commitment to a greener and more sustainable future.

Saudi Arabia's Saudi Green Initiative (SGI) unfolds as a resolute environmental policy, set to forge a greener future and elevate the standard of living.
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