New Partnership Brings AI-based Geospatial Data across the Globe

New Partnership Brings AI-based Geospatial Data across the Globe

European Space Imaging has recently signed a contract with Ecopia.AI, a global innovator in HD Vector Maps harnessing artificial intelligence and innovative cloud computing, to bring Ecopia Global Feature Extraction (GFX) powered by European Space Imaging to customers worldwide.

The partnership between Ecopia.AI and European Space Imaging delivers a highly competitive advantage of scale and accuracy. Incorporating fresh very high-resolution satellite imagery collected by European Space Imaging, Ecopia leverage's artificial intelligence-based systems to rapidly extract vector maps at a continental-scale. This drastically reduces human effort and can generate and maintain millions of km2 of VHR Vector Maps for any area on the earth, all with the quality of a trained GIS professional.

Geospatial data for a broad spectrum of applications

"We are delighted to be able to service customers worldwide with this innovative product, offering an alternative to historically outdated vector map sources," said Adrian Zevenbergen, managing director of European Space Imaging. "It is an exciting product that offers extensive time and cost savings to our customers and will allow us to significantly expand our geographic business operations".

However, GFX offers much more than just building footprints. This powerful product can also identify land-based features from a highly-accurate, scalable, 12 class solution that provides contextual information regarding transportation networks. It performs the work of a dedicated GIS specialist in a fraction of the time, allowing your team to jump right into analyzing the data, thus making the product versatile and profitable across a broad spectrum of applications.

"Ecopia engages with market-leading data providers to form an ecosystem of partners that can empower the best solutions for our respective clients," said Jon Lipinski, co-founder and president of Ecopia. "We are excited to be partnering with European Space Imaging as part of our effort to expand this global ecosystem."

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