New Romanian Geoportal Provides Quicker Access to Geospatial Data - 04/02/2015

The Romanian government’s Topographic Military Directorate (DTM) recently implemented a portal for geospatial data based on Esri technology. The DTM Geoportal is compliant with the established standards of Romania’s spatial data infrastructure (SDI) and joins the country’s other geospatial data portals including the Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe (INSPIRE) Geoportal and the INIS Geoportal.

The new geoportal provides quicker access to critical geospatial data and greater collaboration among the agencies the DTM serves, such as the Romanian Ministry of Defence (MoD).

The DTM Geoportal represents a big step forward for DTM and for the geospatial community in Romania, said Colonel Marin Alnitei, chief of the Topographic Military Directorate. Though it required many years of effort by staff, the geoportal will provide greater access to the work both inside the Ministry of Defence and to other interested government organisations, universities and companies.

The geoportal will have two levels of access: restricted access will only be available to the MoD, while public access will allow civilian organisations, universities and private companies to access declassified spatial databases developed by the DTM. Components of the DTM Geoportal include ArcGIS for Server with ArcGIS Image Extension for Server, Portal for ArcGIS, Esri GeoPortal Server and ArcGIS for INSPIRE.

Last updated: 05/03/2020