New Satellite Services Company Provides Smart Data for the Planet - 15/01/2020

Advances in technology for observing the Earth from space have resulted in the formation of a new company that will bring a range of innovative satellite intelligence and data services to market. 4 Earth Intelligence (4EI) has pioneered the use of satellite data for smart monitoring and analysis creating city, region and countrywide data solutions for applications such as air quality, asset management, ecology and urban heat monitoring.

With offices in Bristol, UK and in Abu Dhabi, UAE, 4 Earth Intelligence has been established to focus on new sectors and technical innovations using machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide smart data, in particular for global environmental applications.

Remote Sensing Technologies to Address Climate Change

“Over the years, our technical team has been at the forefront of the development of new techniques in machine learning and artificial intelligence used to process data collected by satellites that are equipped with increasingly sophisticated sensors,” says David Critchley, CEO, 4 Earth Intelligence. “Having witnessed an exponential increase in the demand for new solutions to address a variety of issues affecting the planet, we will lead the way in the use of space and remote sensing technologies to address challenges such as climate change, pollution and population pressure.”

With several flagship projects already completed around the world, the company has set a new course and 4 Earth Intelligence will capitalize on this pioneering work. Projects to date have included the development of a new global air quality index, the creation of multiple iterations of the satellite environmental inventory of Abu Dhabi, and innovative data fusion techniques in detecting soil quality and climate resilience analysis for local authorities in the UK. 

Data Analysis Techniques

Using consistent and repeatable spatial data derived from satellites, 4 Earth Intelligence can provide insight into a wide range of measurable impacts using a variety of data analysis techniques and show change at very regular intervals. The company will work collaboratively with commercial companies, agencies and governments to help improve decision-making. 

“With the varied Earth observation and intelligence work we have already delivered a number of industry first projects around the world. We’ve created the new 4 Earth Intelligence brand to reflect the repositioning of the business and underpin a significant growth plan for the global marketplace,” Critchley concluded.       

Last updated: 29/01/2020