New Tool for Lone Workers Management - 23/11/2012

Market trends show an increased need for effective lone worker location-based solutions. Fast-growing HSE regulations and the increasing number of HSE prosecutions are driving this need. Trackplot, Scotland, has developed a new portal which will assist people working in the land engineering, surveying and local authority sectors to safeguard their lone workers and comply with HSE regulations.

Over the last twelve months Trackplot has made considerable investment into the new portal, with Scottish Enterprise backing, which launched at Road Expo on 7 November 2012.

The Trackplot Portal provides positioning data, means of emergency contact beyond the reach of mobile phone networks and is an effective tool for the management of lone workers.

Reasons for considering a lone worker location-based solution include health and safety and a duty of care towards employees, increasing the efficiency of lone workers, and reducing the risk of vicarious liability. Tens of thousands of lone workers are abused, attacked or victims of an accident in the UK every year.

Trackplot believes that it offers something extraordinary with its new portal. Its increased functionality, combined with Ordnance Survey mapping, integration with multiple devices (GPS and SMS) and ease of use will enable organisations to keep personnel safe at the press of a button, the company states.

The new portal is compatible with standard mobile phones as well as dedicated GPS devices, which means the system works across the whole of the UK including all remote areas. This choice allows users to use their mobile phone to report in to the portal by text when working in areas with a reliable mobile phone network connection. However, when operating in remote and rural areas, connection via GPS device ensures personnel can stay in touch beyond mobile phone networks. The solution enables customers to choose their method of reporting in and out, via web, text, GPS device or call centre and offers various configurable levels of escalated alerts to ensure potential emergencies are anticipated and handled effectively.

The Trackplot Portal is adaptable, scaleable and can be configured to complement individual business needs and existing health and safety processes and procedures. The Trackplot Portal is available in a range of packages to provide the best and most appropriate solution for each customer, depending on where their lone workers are located.

Last updated: 22/10/2020