New Trimble Modular GPS Receivers and Smart GPS Antennas - 24/02/2006

A new series of Modular GPS Receivers and additions to the Trimble family of Smart GPS Antenna are released by Trimble (CA, USA).

The new product offering provides four levels of GPS operation--Location GPS, Basic, Max and Extreme. The Extreme level receivers (Trimble SPS850 and SPS880 receivers) can track next-generation GPS L2C and L5 signals plus GLONASS.

A new version of the Trimble SCS900 Site Controller Software is being released at the same time to support the new receivers and the recent developments in GPS positioning technology.

The Trimble SPS550 and SPS550H Modular Receivers are new Location GPS receivers, designed for both land and marine construction positioning applications, provide decimetre accuracy. The Trimble SPS550H GPS Receiver is an add-on heading receiver for use in marine applications requiring both position and heading of the vessel, such as dredging, bridge deck placement or pipe laying.

The Trimble SPS750 and SPS850 Modular GPS Receivers are ideal for mobile, semi-permanent and permanent base station setups on construction sites as well as for vehicle, vessel or pole-mounted rover applications. By integrating the radio and GPS receiver in a single housing, the valuable components of a contractor’s GPS fleet can be protected from the elements and theft by securing them inside a site trailer, vehicle or carrying case, while only the antennas are left outside. Antennas can be mounted high and away from obstructions to allow a clearer, less noisy GPS signal, as well as maximising radio coverage.

The Trimble SPS750 and SPS850 Modular GPS Receivers offer a range of GPS positioning techniques delivering position accuracies from centimetres to submetre. The new receivers further simplify GPS technology for use in construction by adding Autobase, a feature that lets the user set up the receiver as a base station with a single button push.

The Trimble SPS780 and SPS880 Smart GPS Antennas are ideal for fast setup and take down. By integrating the GPS receiver, radio, and GPS antenna in one housing, setup time is drastically reduced, making this GPS positioning product ideal for all sites, including small- to medium-size construction sites as a base station as well as for all site rover applications where mobility is critical.

The new products in the Trimble SPS family of GPS modular receivers and smart antennas are expected to be available at the end of February 2006 through the Trimble worldwide distributor network.

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