NovAtel Receives Galileo SoL Contract

NovAtel Receives Galileo SoL Contract

NovAtel Inc. (Canada) has announced that it has been awarded a contract by CMC Electronics Inc. (Canada), to undertake development of a Galileo Safety of Life (SoL) demonstrator receiver for the Canadian Space Agency (CSA). The value of this contract is CDN$ 500,000. Galileo is expected to offer several services, including the Safety of Life Service, as a benefit to users equipped with Galileo-compatible receivers.

NovAtel will develop a new Galileo E5a/E5b receiver section for addition to the existing Galileo Test Receiver, which NovAtel had previously developed for the CSA under a Space Technology Development Program contract awarded in September 2004. A modified CMC Electronics CMA-3024 Global Navigation Satellite Sensor Unit airborne receiver will be integrated with the NovAtel engine.

The Galileo Test Receiver originally produced for CSA evaluation and for possible monitoring of prototype Galileo satellites, is based on a modified version of NovAtel’s WAAS-GII system, and contains the first operational, near-production standard, dual mode GPS and Galileo dual frequency receiver in North America. Under the new program, CMC Electronics and NovAtel will also jointly support review and feedback of elements of a parallel Galileo Safety of Life program undertaken by a team of European companies.

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