Online Platform for Streaming 3D City Models Now Open for GIS Developers - 07/05/2014

Agency9, the Swedish provider of online 3D visualisation platform and urban planning solutions for web and mobile, has announced the general availability of its software developer platform 3DMaps SDK 4.0 with support for HTML5 and WebGL. The platform is an addition to the existing framework for visualisation of large-scale terrain and 3D city models with unparalleled performance and rendering quality.

The trend in web development and browser technology is quickly moving towards HTML5 and plug-in free solutions. Many existing applications are seeking new technology platforms to migrate their solutions. With WebGL the user will experience instant launch of applications without security questions and waiting time. Applications will also work more smoothly and integrated with web applications. The 3DMaps platform streams 3D data over internet at high speed providing a near reality experience for the user in navigating in the virtual model. Software vendors and developers can now leverage the 3DMaps WebGL/HTML5 technology in new or existing GIS and 3D online solution for consumer or professional markets.

The Agency9 3DMaps framework includes a content pipeline process supporting common GIS formats and tool chains for photorealistic 3D city model including StreetFactory from Airbus Defence & Space, Smart3DCapture from Acute 3D as well as solutions from TerraSolid and Agisoft. Also organisations adopting the OGC standard CityGML is provided a path to publish its data online and to create powerful applications. The 3DMaps SDK 4.0 is now available with tutorials and code samples on the Agency9 developer portal.

The 3DMaps Runtime 4.0 with WebGL support is also immediately available through the expanding network of integration partners and distributors.

Last updated: 19/01/2020