Optech at ILMF 2014 - 13/02/2014

Optech, Canada, is attending the International LiDAR Mapping Forum 2014 as both a presenter and on the trade showfloor. Held from 17 to 19 February 2014 in Denver, CO, the forum examines the use of Lidar in applications such as transportation, urban modelling, coastal zone mapping, utility asset management, 3D visualisation and GIS.

Optech will be showcasing the Lynx Mobile Mapper as a fast and extremely safe way to collect 3D detail of corridors such as roads, distribution lines, railways and waterways. The vehicle-mounted lidar and integrated 360° camera systems leverage the high productivity Optech LMS workflows to efficiently deliver engineering-grade data with the highest accuracy and productivity commercially available, and are ideal for safely modeling infrastructure in 3D while minimising “boots on the ground”.

Optech’s airborne Lidar and integrated camera systems, designed for applications from corridor surveys to wide-area mapping, will also be on display. These flexible and easy-to-install sensors boost efficiency, and their automated LMS processing workflows provide consistently accurate results while maximising productivity with minimal training.

Finally, the Optech ILRIS Terrestrial Laser Scanner is well known for capturing extreme detail of complex infrastructure with high accuracy and from safe ranges. Visitors will learn about its new remote control, enhanced workflow efficiency, and automated monitoring capabilities.

During the Coastal Zone & Bathymetric Lidar session, software development manager Dr. Jong Yoong Park will present his team’s latest developments in waveform analysis techniques for separating the water surface and seafloor using Optech’s CZMIL Coastal Zone Mapping and Imaging Lidar.

These techniques extract depth and bottom features to the seafloor from the water surface even in the shallow and highly turbid waters that give traditional algorithms trouble, opening up new areas for surveying with airborne bathymetric Lidar.

Visitors with questions about these advances are welcome to stop by Booth 83 and ask how Optech can help them fulfill their specific application needs.

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