Optech Exhibits at Asia Geospatial Forum - 24/11/2014

Optech, Canada, is to attend the Asia Geospatial Forum 2014 being held from 25-27 November 2014 in Jakarta, Indonesia. At the forum, Optech will be showcasing several new technologies, plus greater accessibility to a well-known system already in use by various government agencies.

Anyone looking for a multi-purpose sensor system ideal for resource management, forest inventory, environmental modelling and even shallow water bathymetry data, day or night, should stop by the booth to learn more.

As sea levels rise, a thorough understanding of the near-shore environment is crucial for mitigating disasters, monitoring the environment, and protecting infrastructure. Pan Asia Regional Sales Manager David Collison will present a paper by software development manager Dr. Joong Yong Park titled “Ocean & Coastal Observation Using Airborne Systems”. The presentation will compare airborne Lidar bathymetry to ship-based sonar, and discuss the situations in which airborne surveying is the more efficient option. Mr. Collison will also discuss how to improve coastal surveys by using airborne bathymetry data to cross-check Aqua-MODIS satellite imagery and water absorption/scattering field measurements. He will provide details on how local governments, academic institutions and surveyors can leverage the new CZMIL Project Program to access the advanced turbid water and 80m clear water capabilities of the Optech CZMIL airborne Lidar bathymeter without actually purchasing the system. The program includes the HydroFusion workflow software, and a staff of trained personnel to take users through the project from planning to finished product.

More details about Galaxy and the CZMIL Project Program will be available at Optech booth 25, along with information and news about Optech’s other airborne Lidar and camera systems, mobile mappers, and terrestrial laser scanners.

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