POSPac MMS V6 Availability - 09/05/2012

Applanix post-processing office software for mobile mapping, POSPac MMS V6, is now available. Featuring full support for GPS and GLONASS satellite observables with its industry-leading IN-Fusion technology and SmartBase Virtual Reference Station processing engines, POSPac MMS V6 is designed to improve the accuracy of mobile mapping from moving vehicles of all types. The improved accuracy is achieved by unique processing engines that automatically select the best possible network of available satellites and base stations when generating a positioning solution.

The software’s SmartSelect feature automatically determines the optimal network of reference stations for producing the highest accuracy positioning by taking into account GPS and GLONASS satellite availability. If GPS + GLONASS provide a superior solution than GPS-alone, the POSPac will automatically integrate the GLONASS observables.

The new solution delivers increased accuracy: when access to GPS satellites is limited, such as at higher latitudes or in urban canyons, SmartSelect combines satellites from GPS and GLONASS to make the best network with the smallest dilution of precision (DOP). By eliminating periods of high DOP, surveying is completed faster. Survey vehicles of all types can maintain superior networks even when operating in poor GPS environments.

Last updated: 02/09/2020