Promising LAStools Workshop Debuts in Latin America - 09/03/2015

A new and promising Latin American Lidar event is set to take place from 8-10 April, when LAStools, CloudCompare and OpenTopography will converge for the 3-day NPED 2015 workshop at CICESE (Centro de Investigación Científica y de Educación Superior de Ensenada) in Mexico. Just across the US border (one hour south of Tijuana) lies the coastal town of Ensenada in Baja California where Dr Alejandro Hinojosa is bringing together a dynamic group of well-known Lidar enthusiasts.

The action-packed event includes a full-day course on Lidar with LAStools by Dr Martin Isenburg of rapidlasso, a full-day tutorial on processing point clouds with CloudCompare by its creator Dr Daniel Girardeau-Montaut, and a day of exciting talks on data portals, landslide detection, UAVs, structure from motion, and much more. The NPED 2015 workshop is open to all and registration is free thanks to sponsorship by CONACyT and CICESE. The main language of the workshop will be English.

The first-ever trip of rapidlasso to Latin America presents a rare opportunity for an in-person on-site visit by the creators of LASzip, LAStools and PulseWaves elsewhere in Central or South America. Interested parties are encouraged to enquire. Dr Isenburg will be remaining in Latin America until 21 April.

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