Pythagoras GIS+CAD - 05/04/2006

ADW Software (Belgium) has released Pythagoras GIS+CAD. This product has been designed for local authorities, cadastral services, utility companies, urban planning and for scientific research. Its application is to analyse and visualise spatial information, without being limited to geographical objects only. With Pythagoras GIS+CAD users can (1) create and update geographical information, (2) consult and update spatial information, (3) analyse spatial information and (4) report and map the analysis.

The software allows user defined line styles, symbols and hatchings; multiple thematic maps can be combined to ease up a visual analysis and multiple search engines combine expressions based on database attributes and graphical attributes of a drawing or project.

Pythagoras GIS+CAD is an open application. Pythagoras VBA and the Pythagoras Object Model allow users to develop their own applications. Own data sheets, different access rights on internal or external databases, access to an external database via ODBC, specific reporting, mail merge, real-time data collection (e.g. from a hand held GPS) etc.

Last updated: 26/09/2020