Rapidlasso Joins Forces with Carbomap - 05/12/2014

Rapidlasso, a technology start-up specialised in Lidar processing tools, and Carbomap, a new spin-out company from the University of Edinburgh, have teamed up to further the development of tools that better exploit full-waveform Lidar for the forestry and carbon market. This partnership unites many years of expertise in processing full-waveform Lidar with a wealth of experience in applying that technology within forestry and biomass applications.

The full-waveform tools are built around the PulseWaves format, an open Lidar format that is the full-waveform sibling of the venerable LAS format, reaffirming a joint commitment to support the use of open data formats within the Lidar industry. Software will be developed both as stand-alone tools as well as for use within the IDL framework.

The use of Lidar in the forest and carbon industries is expanding rapidly. The new partnership between rapidlasso and Carbomap targets the development of solutions for this growing market. Together the two companies can offer a wider range of tools for vegetation analysis that better exploit the additional information captured by a modern full-waveform scanner, including the newest multispectral instruments.

The partnership has been signed just in time for ELMF 2014 in Amsterdam, taking place from 8-10 December together with SPAR Europe.

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