S7 Series GPS/GNSS Receivers - 02/07/2012

The new S7 STONEX Europe handheld GPS/GNSS receiver series combines modern technology in GPS positioning with the versatility of a powerful computer touchscreen. It has been developed as a working tool with a strong design: 5MP digital camera, backlit display, water resistant, shock and vibration resistant.

The handheld computer is equipped with a touchscreen 3.7" high-resolution 640x480 pixel display, readable in direct light conditions and protected by a scratch-resistant film that allows surveyors to operate outdoors thanks to a strong housing resistant to shock, dust, vibration, water spray and extreme temperatures (-20° / +60°). The specifications are certified according to IP65.

The S7 handheld measures 234mm in length, 99mm in width and 925g in weight, being powered by a processor Marvell Xscale PXA-310 806MHz, 256Mb of RAM and Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional operating system. To increase performance and to load the data for their jobs, an SD card slot offers external memory (up to 16 GB).

The Li-Ion battery provides up to eight hours of operations. The battery can be replaced in seconds, with convenient mechanism for quick removal.

The handheld S7 STONEX Europe integrates a GSM/GPRS that provides a fast and efficient internet connection directly on the field, and the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology allow the user to transfer data quickly and conveniently on big distances. The modem provides access to data at any time you need, such as an online mapping service, or offers the possibility to improve the accuracy of data, using a connection to real time differential correction networks.

Other devices such as laser rangefinders, barcode readers and external sensors can be connected using Bluetooth built-in technology. 

S7 is equipped with a mini USB port for data transfer.

STONEX S7-S is an handheld computer equipped with a 12 channels GPS receiver (L1, GPS, SBAS) to ensure sub-metre accuracy even in harsh environments. S7-S has been designed to collect data in a quick and accurate way, as well as efficiently inspect and stake out assets. The S7-S is equipped with the software GeoGis, developed by STONEX Europe.

STONEX S7-D adds a more powerful GPS receiver system, thanks to the 14 channels GNSS L1 C/A + phase capabilities, tracking  GPS, GLONASS and SBAS. S7 D is equipped with GeoGis1 or CUBE, both developed by STONEX® Europe.

STONEX S7-G, the hi-end S7 Serie, is recommended both for high accuracy GIS and centimetric Surveying. Equipped with a 120 channels GNSS receiver (L1/L2, GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, COMPASS, SBAS), gives a centimeter accuracy when used with the optional external antenna. S7 G is available in different bundle configurations,  with GeoGis1 or CUBE, both developed by STONEX Europe and Carlson Surv CE.

Last updated: 29/09/2020