Sanborn and Pixxel join forces to empower customers with hyperspectral data solutions

Sanborn and Pixxel join forces to empower customers with hyperspectral data solutions

In a new partnership, Sanborn will use Pixxel’s hyperspectral dataset to equip its customers with advanced insights to solve problems as varied as agriculture crop and forestry health monitoring, exploration for minerals and mining, natural resource management, impact monitoring of extreme events – flood, storm, wildfire – and much more. Pixxel is a leader in hyperspectral earth-imaging technology, while Sanborn is a leading geospatial solutions company at the forefront of spatial data collection.

Awais Ahmed, founder and CEO of Pixxel, commented: “Hyperspectral data revolutionizes industries from mining to agriculture by providing a new level of analysis on the electromagnetic spectrum. This partnership will provide Sanborn customers with a crucial tool to make faster and more informed decisions for their businesses.”

Pixxel is expanding the boundaries of data available to the geospatial analyst that we can leverage to benefit our customers,” said John Copple, Sanborn president and CEO. “It is a perfect complement to our core capabilities in aerial survey, imagery, Lidar and high-definition mapping.”

“Pixxel data brings additional insights because it gives us access to  over 100 bands across the visible-to-the-infrared spectrum at bandwidths of <10nm, far more than traditional multispectral imaging,” said Srini Dharmapuri, Sanborn vice president and CTO. “Sanborn has the capability to help customers exploit these new imaging resources.”

Hundreds of wavelengths

Pixxel is building a constellation of hyperspectral satellites that reportedly can capture images at hundreds of wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum and reveal key data about the planet’s health. According to Pixxel, its constellation and advanced data analytics platform will provide up to 10 times more insight compared to today’s multispectral satellites in space.

“We are excited about this partnership given Sanborn’s 150-year legacy and track record being a full stack GIS solution provider in the United States”, said Aakash Parekh, Chief Commercial Officer, Pixxel. “We are keen to work with Sanborn to bring our hyperspectral dataset to the agriculture, forestry, and energy entities of the US government along with extending our reach to their extensive customer network.”

The new partnership enables Pixxel to further its vision to build a health monitor for the planet. With three pathfinders already in space, Pixxel has signed up 45+ direct early adopters and over 60 resellers around the world. Most recently, Pixxel announced a USD36 million Series B funding round and a five-year contract with the NRO Commercial Systems Program Office (CSPO) for the Strategic Commercial Enhancements for Commercial Hyperspectral Capabilities programme.

Pixxel is developing a network of hyperspectral satellites, enabling the capture of imagery across a multitude of wavelengths within the electromagnetic spectrum. (Image courtesy: Pixxel)
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