SuperGeo Announces GIS Software Products - 03/01/2013

SuperGeo Technologies has expressed its intention to launch various GIS software products, including mobile GIS, server GIS and desktop GIS, to provide more comprehensive GIS solutions. One of the new products will be Mobile Cadastral GIS 3.1, scheduled for the first quarter of this year.

In 2012, SuperGeo released a variety of GIS products and solutions to users and enterprises around the world. For example, the launch of SuperGIS Desktop 3.1 and extensions help users to visualise, process, analyse and manage a variety of geospatial data effectively. For mobile GIS applications, SuperGeo released SuperSurv 3 for Android-powered devices and SuperPad 3.1 for Windows Mobile systems.

In addition, SuperGIS Server 3.1 and SuperGIS Network Server 3.1 were also launched to provide enterprises with GIS platforms which equips with powerful analysis functions and capabilities to publish various GIS services.

During the first months of 2013, SuperGeo will launch SuperSurv 3.1 and Mobile Cadastral GIS 3.1 to enhance the functions to meet the requirements in field survey. SuperGIS Desktop 3.1a will be introduced to support SuperGIS Toolkit and improve manipulations such as map viewing, attribute table, etc. SuperGIS Server 3.1a Value and Standard editions will be available to create, manage and distribute geoprocessing and GIS services.

Last updated: 05/03/2020