Supergeo Teams up with CHC Navigation

Supergeo Teams up with CHC Navigation

Supergeo Technologies has joined forces with the GNSS solution provider CHC Navigation. SuperSurv, the mobile GIS product of SuperGIS, was selected as the value-added software that could be pre-installed for CHC users.

Since being established in Shanghai in 2003, CHC Navigation has been a manufacturer focused on producing affordable and reliable GPS/GNSS receivers. Due to the identification of a clear niche combined with a solid strategy, CHC has gained significant success in the field of positioning.

SuperSurv is a mobile GIS product designed by Supergeo for Android and iOS devices. In addition to the main functions of field data collection, orientation and waypoint guidance, SuperSurv has the capability to receive map services provided by SuperGIS Server. This feature leads to instant cooperation between field workers and GIS analysts at the office, which will largely accelerate the productivity of the team and reduce redundancy in communication. SuperSurv also supports offline editing, which allows users to continue their field work when an internet connection is not available.

The combination of SuperSurv and CHC devices brings the possibility of getting sub-metre accuracy GIS data with reasonable costs. The result is a premium solution for researchers or workers that need to frequently work in the field.

Learn more about using SuperSurv and CHC for your field work here.

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