SuperPad 3 for NAVAIDS - 23/11/2011

NAVAIDS, a GPS and survey company based in Perth, Australia, has selected SuperPad 3 mobile GIS software for its professional project services. The procurement is being handled by Cody Corp., SuperGeo's distributor in Australia.

The main business of NAVAIDS is to market Recreation GPS equipments and Survey-grade Differential GPS (DGPS) receivers domestically and internationally. Serving GPS devices and services, NAVAIDS is able to provide professional survey work and project services for the clients, especially in the Mining and Engineering fields.


After the recommendation by Cody Corp., NAVAIDS successfully integrated SuperPad 3 with its GPS data collectors for field tasks. Combining with complete mobile mapping, GIS and GPS functions, SuperPad 3, the fully functional mobile GIS software developed by SuperGeo, is utilised to finish spatial data editing, colleting, measuring, updating, etc. using mobile devices.


SuperGeo has released the latest SuperPad 3.0a onto the market. In addition to enhancing the original functions, this version of SuperPad 3 improves the integration with SuperGIS Server 3, supports creating graphics layers, laser rangefinder extension, and reading cached maps for swift map display.

Last updated: 05/03/2020