Supervisor+ GPS Tablet Computer - 25/01/2012

The SuperG, the Carlson Supervisor+ GPS Tablet, has been introduced. Carlson's Supervisor tablet computer, a rugged tablet PC that can be used anywhere, has been upgraded to include an integrated high-precision GNSS receiver and to provide wireless support for Bluetooth, 802.11, GSM, GPRS and CDMA.




The Carlson Supervisor is designed to work on more total stations, robots, GPS systems than any other solution. Both the Carlson Supervisor tablet and the new SuperG offer the industry's largest data collector screen, seven inches, that is sunlight viewable. They also supply the industry's fastest data collector processor with 64Gb of memory and 2Gb of RAM. And this is all on a PC that weighs just 2.42 pounds.


Developed by Carlson Software to compliment its comprehensive line of land development and mining software, the SuperG allows surveyors, contractors, builders, engineers and many others to bring their office to the field or to the project, and vice versa, all live.


The Carlson Supervisor and the SuperG can both be used with Carlson SurvPC, which is Carlson's SurvCE data collection software, enhanced and produced to work on a PC, and with Carlson Grade Supervisor, an easy-to-use software made for construction grade management.

SurvPC, which can operate natively on Esri, .dxf,. dwg, .dxf. and .dgn, is fully integrated with Carlson's office products, Carlson Survey, Civil, Hydrology and GIS. As an added bonus, these office software options can also be taken into the field utilizing the Supervisor or  the SuperG.


Carlson Grade Supervisor allows site supervisors to get daily, weekly, or anytime volumes, track real-time cut/fill, plus both collect and stake points. Its ability to let grade contractors know their grade instantly means that accurate surface volumes can be determined. It's also proven to help construction companies tighten their bid specs by providing fast TOPO capabilities so that volumes are computed for estimation before any dirt is moved.


The unit is upgradeable enabling users to start with the Carlson Supervisor+ base unit, which works with existing receivers, and then upgrade when the time is right. There is an option to purchase a three-year replacement warranty that covers everything except out-and-out abuse of the unit. Carlson also offers the option for a zero-interest lease.


Last updated: 05/07/2020