Survey Aircraft for Clarity Aerial Sensing - 27/07/2012

During the ALEA Conference in Reno, USA, Diamond Airborne Sensing signed a purchase contract for one DA42 MPP GUARDIAN with Clarity Aerial Sensing, USA. The DA42 MPP GUARDIAN is the new generation of the twin-engine Diamond surveillance and mapping aircraft that utilises innovative and fuel-efficient Austro Diesel engines and burns only 7 gallons per hour while patrolling.

Clarity partner Dr. Loren Poulsen PhD comments that they have received an overwhelming response to this aircraft, and recognised that the company needed to purchase their first aircraft to get ahead of demand. They are confident that this aircraft will go on contract shortly.

Clarity Chief Pilot Ben Walton recognises the DA42 is a wonderful aircraft to fly. They have now demonstrated this aircraft to a number of organisations and the most common response has been "I love this aircraft."

Clarity Aerial Sensing LLC is a Diamond Airborne Sensing authorised reseller specialising in low-cost aerial surveillance, mapping and photography solutions for law enforcement, border patrol, military, media, pipeline and power line patrol and aerial imagery and mapping. Clarity Aerial Sensing partners have sold 24 surveillance aircraft in the past three years, and over forty general aviation aircraft.  In addition to sales, they provide turn-key contract and lease solutions, complete systems integration and training. They also operate eleven Diamond aircraft as part of an FAA Part 141 Flight School and FAA Part 135 Charter operation.

Last updated: 28/03/2020