Take part in GIM International’s 2024 geospatial industry survey

Take part in GIM International’s 2024 geospatial industry survey

Calling all professionals! Please contribute to the 2024 edition of the annual geospatial industry survey by GIM International, which is currently in progress. This yearly tradition serves as a valuable tool for assessing the current landscape within the mapping and surveying sector. After thorough analysis of all the responses, the findings will be presented in a comprehensive report in the next edition of GIM International. Widely acknowledged as a leading publication in the geospatial industry, the magazine remains committed to providing revealing insights into the latest industry developments.

Wim van Wegen, head of content at GIM International, describes the annual survey as a unique opportunity to understand the sector’s mindset, accurately assess the needs of mapping and surveying professionals worldwide, and identify trends and developments. Such information is of significant interest to numerous stakeholders in the geospatial industry. Therefore, he hopes that a record number of respondents will complete this year’s industry survey.

“By participating in our geospatial industry survey, you make a meaningful contribution to enhancing the sector as a whole. Your input is invaluable,” emphasizes Van Wegen. “We hope that everyone who reads this is willing to make some time to help us. Ultimately, it’s beneficial for every member of the geospatial community!”

Start the survey here!

Wim van Wegen, head of content at GIM International.
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