Terra Drone Acquires Dutch Aerial Survey Company Skeye - 26/11/2018

Terra Drone, a UAV technology company headquartered in Japan, has acquired a majority stake in the European drone service provider Skeye, based in The Netherlands. Skeye will become the European headquarters of Terra Drone. This acquisition makes Terra Drone one of the world's leading drone service companies, with more than 250 employees and a presence on all continents.

Terra Drone aims to serve its clients with safer, better and more efficient surveys and inspections by using and developing innovative technologies in the fields of unmanned aerial vehicles. Skeye is an aerial survey and inspection company with a focus on drones in the oil and gas market. It has its headquarters in The Netherlands, and offices in the United Kingdom and Belgium.

3D UAV surveys across the globe

Toru Tokushige, CEO of Terra Drone explains the reason for the acquisition as follows. His company has had discussions with many drone operators in Europe, but was especially impressed with the track record and professionalism of Skeye. Skeye has a vast professional experience in the on- and offshore oil and gas market, in both inspections and 3D surveys using drones. Skeye is the best partner to bring these technologies to the European and African market, he adds.

Pieter Franken, managing director of Skeye, believes Terra Drone will bring a wealth of new technologies and a global network that can be used to better serve international clients. This will ensure the customers will be provided with the most leading-edge technologies, now and in the future. The TerraUTM operating platform, 4G capabilities for guiding drones over large distances, inhouse developed Terra-LiDAR, smart learning inspection software, and the proprietary mapping software Terra-Mapper are but a few examples of technologies that this partnership will bring.

Last updated: 04/12/2018