Thales Z-Max.Net GPS Receiver - 15/05/2006

Thales (CA, USA) has introduced Z-Max.Net, a network-capable GPS receiver system for boundary, topographic and construction surveys. Z-Max.Net offers surveyors expanded communications capabilities, simplicity of operation, RTK performance and flexibility to meet the range of tasks possible by a survey system in this class. Z-Max.Net provides NTRIP, GPRS and RTCM V3.0 network communication.

Z-Max.Net can function in every mode of operation, RTK or post processing, as a base or rover, and also in a VRS or FKP network.

As a standard feature, Z-Max.Net offers free wide data format compatibility, including RTCM V2.X, CMR, CMR+, DBEN, DSNP, RTCM V3.0 and NTRIP, and is easy to integrate with other equipment. Z-Max.Net can easily be adapted to meet a wide variety of local conditions by communicating using Pacific Crest UHF, Thales UHF, GSM, or a unique combined UHF and GSM/GPRS module. For enhanced coverage in North America Z-Max.Net also features a new internal modem to provide full coverage of the GSM/GPRS bands from 850 through 1,900MHz.

Z-Max.Net offers two-second initialisation, extended operation up to 50km (30 miles), and cuts static data collection time.

Z-Max.Net includes a fully-integrated field terminal and an office software solution. Combined with a MobileMapper CE data controller, Z-Max.Net is a survey system which includes an additional handheld GPS for multiple application needs (GIS, navigation and more).

FAST Survey field software, is designed to optimise the functionality and performance of the Z-Max.Net GPS system, and to simplify data collection and real-time operation for topography and construction. The comprehensive office software package, GNSS Solutions, includes all of the tools required to successfully process GPS, Glonass and SBAS survey data.

Last updated: 25/10/2020