Tiltan TLiD-R2 for Automatic LiDAR Data Processing - 03/10/2008

Tiltan Systems Engineering (Israel) has released the TLiD-R2, a second generation of TLiD Automatic LiDAR data processing product. The main improvements of release 2 are shorter processing speed, power line classification and vectoring capability, building vector improvements and manual vector editing capabilities.

Tiltan leverages its experience in the 3D simulator world to create an intuitive design

featuring 2D and 3D images running side-by-side, with the ability to view the classified point

cloud and 3D photorealistic presentation side by side. This enables better understanding and

QA of automatically derived vectors and DEM.


The TLiD software package allows for rapid importability of large files and automatic, quick

processing driven by a small number of customizable parameters, increasing accuracy and

reducing training requirements. The QA screens enable full-color customization of

individual features, allowing for easy differentiation.


TLiD input is a standard geo-referenced LAS or TXT point cloud. Outputs are DEM, DSM

building roof vectors, power line vectors, tree list and other outputs in multiple userselectable

coordinate systems and data formats. Tiltan's QA team focused on accuracy testing to assure ASPRS Class 1 topographic elevation accuracy, given a suitable point cloud.


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