Topcon acquires Finnish industrial radio solutions leader Satel

Topcon acquires Finnish industrial radio solutions leader Satel

Topcon Positioning Systems has acquired Satel, one of the world’s leading experts and innovators in wireless technology. Finnish-based Satel designs, manufactures and offers high-quality connectivity solutions that enable secure, mission-critical connections, utilizing the best characteristics of a variety of communication technologies for real-life use cases.

“After having worked with Satel for over 20 years, we are delighted with this acquisition, which we see as a critical component for the future of our high-accuracy positioning solutions,” said Ray O’Connor, Topcon Positioning Systems president and CEO. “As our products and services have evolved from individual measurement tools to complete, multi-node workflow automation solutions, the significance of advanced communication technology has grown. Through this acquisition we are able to secure long-term access to a key technology component for our portfolio, today and in the future.”

Mission-critical connectivity

Whether onshore or offshore, Satel’s solutions offer mission-critical connectivity for the most demanding industrial applications, from electricity distribution to windmills, from precision farming to port cranes, from weather stations to racing cars, and from real-time passenger information to surveillance systems.

To ensure the continuity of the business, Satel’s chairman, Jukka T. Bergqvist, will remain in his position. The company CEO, Markus Kantola, will continue to run the company together with his current leadership team.

“We are very proud of the leading position that Satel has created in the field of communication technology, the strong team in Salo (Finland) and the excellent relations with our global network of specialist value-added distributors and OEM partners,” said Bergqvist. “Topcon’s ownership will offer an exciting springboard to accelerate the implementation of our vision of mission-critical connectivity, tightly integrated and tailored to the most demanding applications and conditions.”

“We recognize and value the global technology leadership that Satel has created by being an agnostic supplier to a wide network of distributors and customers in a variety of applications,” added O’Connor. “These relationships are the basis for the company’s leading expertise and success. We are determined to make sure they can continue to operate independently to guarantee a successful continuation in serving their broad array of customers with the industry’s best solutions.”

Satel is a leading provider of radio technology solutions, catering to both short-range and long-range communication needs. (Image courtesy: Satel)
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