Towards Mobile Mapping Systems for the Mining Industry - 23/09/2014

3D Laser Mapping, a global developer of laser scanning solutions for the infrastructure and mining sectors, has signed a global OEM agreement with Neptec Technologies, a provider of real-time intelligent 3D robot vision products. With the agreement both parties aim to lay the foundations for the creation of mobile mapping systems specifically for the mining industry.

Neptec’s OPAL scanner technology will complement 3D Laser Mapping’s existing portfolio to create solutions which automatically measure open pit high walls and stockpiles from static locations. The agreement allows 3D Laser Mapping to add automated measurements to mobile mining equipment such as excavators. OPAL technology paired with 3D Laser Mapping’s mining solutions will improve data capture and penetration through the dusty and particle-ridden conditions seen in mines.

Rapidly updated terrain models are a key requirement in the modern mining industry, in both allowing rapid and accurate reporting and as an essential component of automation strategies, commented Dr Graham Hunter, executive chairman of 3D Laser Mapping. The agreement will enable 3D Laser Mapping to add new, exciting solutions to the company’s portfolio.

Mike Sekerka, CEO of Neptec Technologies, said he is thrilled that 3D Laser Mapping has chosen the OPAL 3D laser scanners for its next-generation product solutions. Dr Hunter has an enviable track record in bringing cutting-edge technology to new and practical product solutions for global mining companies.

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Last updated: 27/09/2020