Veovo advances airport operations with Lidar-based solution

Veovo advances airport operations with Lidar-based solution

Veovo, a prominent player in airport management solutions, has introduced Lidar technology into its Intelligent Airport Platform. This game-changing addition is poised to advance airport operations and elevate the overall passenger experience by significantly enhancing situational awareness.

The integration of Lidar technology reinforces Veovo's solution for managing passenger flow. This solution has the capacity to cover extensive areas within and outside the airport, including low-light conditions. It is adaptable to various airport layouts, making it suitable for spaces with varying ceiling heights, long corridors and open areas. Beyond its primary function of anonymously measuring passenger movements, Lidar can effectively track a wide range of moving objects within the airport environment, from luggage to vehicles. This adaptability caters to the diverse needs of both passengers and airport authorities.

Comprehensive ecosystem

What sets Veovo's Lidar technology apart is its seamless integration with their cloud-based analytics platform and other sensors like 3D cameras and people counters, forming a comprehensive ecosystem. Veovo CEO James Williamson highlights the significance of this integration: "With Veovo, airports are no longer bound by hardware limitations. Now operators can choose the perfect mix of sensor technology including Lidar, for their infrastructure, measurement and budget needs. They can even incorporate their existing sensors to protect their investments."

Veovo's platform, powered by machine learning, delivers real-time and historical data on queues and passenger movements. It goes further by predicting passenger arrivals and behaviors in the future. This innovation provides an efficient and cost-effective means of tracking and predicting wait times, monitoring occupancy and managing queues, even in unstructured or wide areas of the airport. Consequently, airport operators can make informed decisions regarding resource allocation and planning, thus improving efficiency and enhancing the overall passenger experience.

The integration of Lidar technology reinforces Veovo's solution for managing passenger flow. (Image courtesy: Veovo)
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