Versatile Rugged Mobile Data Collector

Versatile Rugged Mobile Data Collector

F4Devices, a subsidiary of F4 Tech and strategic partner of BAP Precisions, Taiwan, has introduced a new generation of high-precision GNSS devices for GIS field applications, the Flint rugged handheld. This handheld provides field workers with a lightweight, compact, cost-effective and high-performance solution. The Flint fits well into GIS field data collection markets such as municipalities, oil and gas and forestry.  


The integrated Flint handheld offers a combination of flexible GPS configurations, ranging from 1-3 metre to sub-metre accuracies, while supporting geotagging with the 5-megapixel autofocus camera as well as WiFi, Bluetooth, and 3G data.  The casing has IP65 specification. There are two versions: the S812H (including GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi and 5 MP camera) and the S852H (includes GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, 5 MP camera and 3G data). The display is a high-resolution, sunlight-readable VGA screen, data storage is extendable and Microsoft Office Mobile is delivered as standard with the Flint. The battery performs and supports the field users' needs with at least 10 hours of performance.


The Flint handheld is specifically designed for spatially motivated professionals with the field user in mind. This translates in the location of the camera button and the GPS performance. These two enable precise geotagging. In tough environments, whether it is extreme weather or high multi-path, the Flint handheld is up to the challenge.


F4Devices, along with BAP Precisions, is focused on supporting solutions providers by working with them directly to integrate their applications with the Flint handheld. Any feature or application in the Flint handheld is accessible to software engineers for full and complete integration, allowing a fully developed solution to be offered to their clients. APIs are available for solutions providers to access and communicate with the features they require.


The 3G data modem in the Flint handheld allows field users to stay in touch remotely, increasing productivity. This also allows real-time communications with the office for critical information upload. This also provides a level of safety for field users by easily staying in touch with supervisors or persons in charge.


The Flint handheld is available now, for immediate ordering. F4Devices and BAP Precisions support shipments worldwide. For more information on how or where to buy, visit the F4Devices website below.


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