Vexcel presents free high-resolution imagery access in Australia and New Zealand

Vexcel presents free high-resolution imagery access in Australia and New Zealand

Vexcel Data Program has announced free access to aerial imagery in Australia and New Zealand through its web-based platform, Viewer. This no-cost access provides government and commercial users with highly accurate, high-resolution imagery of major metropolitan areas such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Organizations in Australia and New Zealand are eligible to participate in this free offering.

Providing aerial data to end users in Australia and New Zealand at zero cost improves a user's ability to solve some of the most pressing problems of today with enhanced visualization and analysis tools. This foundational experience with Vexcel imagery helps drive more accurate and informed decision-making, such as remote inspection of assets, monitoring change at a location, detecting surface details and much more. The readily accessible data is available immediately and supports multiple industries, from government to construction, landscaping to solar, roofing to utilities and beyond.

Vexcel collects high-resolution aerial imagery across urban areas in Australia and New Zealand on a regular basis, covering 80% of the population in Australia and 56% of the population in New Zealand. Within Vexcel's Viewer platform, users can access multiple imagery products, including current and historical collections.

Wide range of imagery products

One of the available imagery products is Oblique, which provides a 45-degree imagery product. This allows users to see properties from all angles (north, south, east, west) at a resolution of 7.5cm. Another product is TrueOrtho, which offers a top-down view of structures and properties without building lean and no visible seamlines. It also provides a resolution of 7.5cm. Additionally, users can access the Multispectral product, which delivers a near-infrared product in colour-infrared format. It highlights vegetation and impervious surfaces at a resolution of 7.5cm.

On top of the imagery products, users of the Viewer platform can take advantage of various tools that go beyond visualization. These tools include measurement and drawing tools, which allow users to find the area or length of a specific building or property. The compass tool enables users to easily switch between all views at a particular location with the click of a button. The before and after slider helps users detect change on a property by comparing images before and after a specific event or timeframe. Users can also import their CSV files and geospatial data into Viewer to overlay important map information.

Advanced sensors

Vexcel captures its aerial imagery using advanced UltraCam sensors, manufactured by Vexcel Imaging. These sensors are radiometrically and geometrically calibrated to collect the highest quality aerial imagery in the market. Furthermore, Vexcel matches the aerial imagery against ground control points, resulting in highly accurate location intelligence that provides a complete understanding of a property and its condition.

In addition to the free visualization capabilities, Vexcel offers a pathway for end users to upgrade their experience as needed. This includes access to additional tools and property information within Viewer, the ability to export data, or programmatic access via APIs. Moreover, Vexcel provides additional platform integrations and channels, such as Image Services for ArcGIS, Web Map Tile Service and MapControl SDK.

Oblique imagery example of Auckland, New Zealand. (Image courtesy: Vexcel Data Program)
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