WiBotic Announces Lightweight Wireless Charging for Drones

WiBotic Announces Lightweight Wireless Charging for Drones

WiBotic, a leader in wireless power and battery intelligence solutions for the robotics industry, has announced a new lightweight and compact version of its onboard charger for use on small drones. Weighing only 46 grams and measuring 70mm(l) x 48mm(w) x 17mm(h) (2.75” x 1.89” x .67”) the mini circuit board and associated antenna are simple to integrate into any drone. With the lighter onboard charger, operators of smaller drones can take advantage of the benefits of wireless power without being bogged down by excess weight.

The onboard charger works in conjunction with WiBotic wireless power transmitter components, including the WiBotic PowerPad, a wireless charging pad for drones which has also been announced. Together, the onboard charger, transmitter components and related software make up the complete power solution that enables autonomous charging of drone batteries.

Wider range of drone applications

Numerous industries, including security, construction, agriculture, mining and delivery, benefit from autonomous battery charging. By enabling drones to fly frequent missions from the same location without the need for humans to manage battery swapping, it cuts down on battery-maintenance costs and increases efficiencies. Even though it charges each drone individually, multiple drones can share the same transmitter at different times, even if their batteries have different voltage and charge current (amps) requirements. Drones outfitted with WiBotic onboard chargers can also move from one charging pad to another for long-distance flights.

“Battery charging is one of the biggest challenges facing the industry and reliable wireless power has opened a world of possibilities,” said Ben Waters, CEO of WiBotic. “The new lightweight and compact WiBotic onboard charger makes it possible to integrate reliable wireless charging into nearly all sizes of drones, opening up those possibilities to a much wider range of drone applications.”

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