YellowScan Expands Coverage to China with New Partnership

YellowScan Expands Coverage to China with New Partnership

YellowScan has announced the addition of Beijing-based EcoTech to its global partner network. Specializing in spectral imaging technology, EcoTech is dedicated to the promotion, research and development of ecology-agriculture health research and monitoring technology. YellowScan is a French developer of high-end Lidar solutions.

EcoTech is committed to the introduction and promotion of advanced instrument technologies and the contribution of their own R&D efforts in various sectors. The first collaboration together will bundle YellowScan’s Mapper + Lidar solution with one of EcoTech’s own UAV platforms to offer the Chinese market the EcoTech Ecodrone Remote Sensing solution.

Expanding research and applications

“The perfect combination of YellowScan’s Lidart echnology and Ecodrone UAV remote sensing technology brings us into a new 3D world and greatly helps us expand our research and applications in agriculture, forestry, ecological monitoring, geological exploration, surveying and mapping, and more”, commented Ning Wang, director of the EcoTech Spectral Imaging and UAV Remote Sensing Technology Research Center.

“We feel that the EcoTech team shares our vision and commitment to developing high-tech solutions that give our customers the best set of tools possible to successfully complete their missions. The agnostic nature of our Lidar scanners makes it easy for our partners to integrate our technology into their offerings. We look forward to working together to serve the Chinese market,” commented Teresa Hong, business development manager Asia-Pacific at YellowScan.

The YellowScan Mapper+ can be mounted on a wide range of UAV platforms due to its low weight.

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